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Yu-Chou Chen

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Chen Yu-Chou (b. 1970, Taipei, Taiwan) is a Chinese composer.

Chen was admitted to the music class in Kung-Rin High school in 1985. He studied composition with Prof. Lu yen and Prof. Chang Chi-ren, and piano with Prof. Lin Hui-Ling. He also started percussion with Prof. Kuo Kuang-yuan, Prof. Chu Chung-ching and Prof. Chung Yao-kuang. In 1988, he continued his music training at the National Taiwan Normal University and studied composition with Prof. Tseng Hsing-kui and piano with Prof. Yeh Lu-na.

Chen received citations from the Council for Cultural Planning and Development in 1990, 1991 and 1993 for his works Violin-Piano Dialogue I, II, and III, Dancing for four percussions and Illusion for sextet, respectively. His work Three Phenomenons for four percussions was awarded in the Third Musical Composition Contest, sponsored by the Taiwan Provincial Symphony Orchestra.

In 1995, Chen entered L'Ecole normale de musique de Paris to study composition and Conservatoire national de région de Rueil Malmaison to study percussion with Prof. Yoshihisa Taira and Prof. Gaston Sylvestre.

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