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The Wind Repertory Project™ is an attempt at a comprehensive database of wind literature, expanded by contributions of band directors, conductors, students, and wind band enthusiasts worldwide. While there already exist many fantastic sources for this sort of information, static media cannot keep up with the steady influx of new repertoire, and cannot -by nature- be as comprehensive as an open community project.

In addition, the Wind Repertory Project™ is not intended to serve as a guide to rehearsal of the works contained herein, rather as a repository of information on the works selected, including but not limited to:

  • Publisher Information and Cost
  • Duration
  • User-submitted program notes
  • Discographies
  • Instrumentation Breakdown (including which percussion instruments are needed)
  • Known Errata
  • State Difficulty Ratings
  • Categorical data (such as genre, form, etc.)
  • Much more...

The WRP was originally envisioned as a dissertation comprising a listing of wind repertory information along the lines of the excellent Orchestral Music: A Handbook by David Daniels. When the tremendous scope of the project became apparent, a decision was made to postpone creating the database until there was time to implement it in an online format, freely available to everyone. It is my sincere hope that this will become an invaluable resource for conductors and students alike, from middle school through university level.


Nikk Pilato, Executive Director/Founder
Andrew McMahan, System Administrator
Dave Strickler, Senior Editor