Victoriano Valencia

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Victoriano Valencia


Victoriano Valencia Rincón (b. 5 April 1970, Monteria, Colombia) is a prolific Colombian composer of music for both symphonic band and traditional folk ensembles.

Mr. Valencia has a bachelor’s degree in music education from the National Pedagogical University of Colombia and a master’s degree in composition from EAFIT University in Colombia.

Valencia has worked as a cultural advisor for Colombia’s Ministry of Culture and several universities in Colombia, including Universidad de Córdoba, Universidad del Norte, Universidad de Caldas, the University of Antioquia, the University of Caldas and District University of Bogotá. He regularly serves as a judge for national band competitions, as well as other music competitions throughout Colombia. Valencia is an advocate for maintaining the traditions of prior generations. Part of this advocacy is achieved through his directorship of Bands Magazine, a quarterly publication specializing in the Colombian wind band movement. Other areas of work for which he is known include recording production and the development of music teaching materials.

In 2014, he was appointed artistic director of Medellin’s International Chamber Music Festival, an event organized and sponsored by the local government and recognized internationally by its educative and artistic nature. He is also an active member of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) and represents Colombia on the artistic committee of the Ibero-American Congress for Bands and Ensembles. Valencia is also the founder of the Colombian National Association of Composers and Arrangers for Bands and Ensembles (ACCOMPAS).

He is currently a full-time composition faculty member at the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana in Bogotá and also teaches at the Colombian National Pedagogical University. His compositions and arrangements for wind ensembles are based on Colombian and Latin American folk rhythms.

Mr. Valencia is considered to be one of the most influential composers of band music in Colombia. His compositions and arrangements for symphonic band have received awards at national competitions and are being published and performed throughout Europe and North America. He has written works that have become part of the core repertoire of the Colombian band tradition. Pieces like his Third Suite for Band, also known as 200 (celebrating the 200th independence of Colombia) have been widely accepted and performed in all parts of the world. His second suite was commissioned by a Colombian professional band (Banda Sinfonica de Sabaneta) and published in the collection Latin American Music Project by Ludwig Masters in the United States.

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