Tianqi (Lucky) Bao

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Tianqi (Lucky) Bao (b. 2001) is a Chinese composer and student.

Ms. Bao is a senior student studying music composition and quantitative science at Emory University. She is interested in film scoring, music production, live band music, and other branches of music. Her music has been influences by film composer including Joe Hisaishi, Tan Dun, and Hans Zimmer; and pop singers including Liang Bo and Hua Chenyu.

As a person who does not speak much in daily life, Bau turns to illustrate her expression in music, seeking a spiritual connection between her inner world and the outside world. By taking music as a path, she tries to show her own vision and insight to the audiences.

Works for Winds


  • Emory University Emory Wind Ensemble concert program, 26 February 2023