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Ensemble Concert Books, The - CHILDREN'S VOLUME

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David P. Miller

David P Miller

General Info

Year: 2018
Duration: c. 25:00 (without narration)
Difficulty: III (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Silver Clef Music
Cost: Parts - $9.97 per book, discounts for multiple books
Score: $19.97

== Instrumentation:

Full Score

Soprano 1 Range

  • Soprano 1 in C*
  • Soprano 1 in Bb
  • Soprano 1 in Eb
  • Soprano 1 in F

Soprano 2 Range

  • Soprano 2 in C*
  • Soprano 2 in Bb
  • Soprano 2 in Eb
  • Soprano 2 in F
  • Soprano 2 in Alto Clef

Alto Range

  • Alto in C
  • Alto in Eb
  • Alto in F
  • Alto in Alto Clef
  • Alto in Bass Clef

Tenor Range

  • Tenor in C
  • Tenor in Eb
  • Tenor in F
  • Tenor in Alto Clef
  • Tenor in Bass Clef

Bass Range

  • Bass in C
  • Bass in Bb
  • Bass in Eb
  • Bass in F
  • Bass in Bass Clef
  • Bass for String Bass

*These parts are doubled in octaves,
so flutes and piccolos can play the higher notes,
while oboes and other C instruments can play
the lower notes.


None discovered thus far.


The purpose of the Ensemble Concert Book Series is to provide music for the dozens or hundreds of musicians who just want to go play, in the dozens or hundreds of venues that want people to come play. The watchwords of the ECB Series is Grab any five or more players to cover all five ranges (SSATB), give an ECB book to each player, and go play a concert!

The Children's Volume of the ECB Series was written specifically for children's concerts. First, the tunes are all those that most children (and all parents) recognize and love. Second, the duration of each one of the 14 tunes in this volume is between one and one and a half minutes, which is perfect for younger children's attention spans, yet long enough to be fun for the players, and for the parents to feel it was worth the effort of coming to the concert. Third, this volume is ideal for a "Meet The Instruments" type presentation, in which each one of the players speaks in between tunes to show their instrument, tell how it fits into the ensemble, and show the audience how they make a sound (music) on it. Interestingly, the parents like these narrations even more than the children do.

With narrations, and depending on the number of players in the group, the concert will last between 25 and 40 minutes, which is also about an ideal length for children.

Program Notes

Concerts played from the ECB Children's Volume do not usually have programs, but should have narrations. All narrations should be ad lib, but there has been much success using the following format:

Main Narrator - Introduces the group, and shouts "Who here likes MUSIC?" Then says something like "We love music too, and we're going to play some for you right now! When we are done, I'm going to ask you to name the tune we played."

Then play the first tune.

Main Narrator - "Who knows what tune that was?" and referees the ensuing melee. After a few minutes, the main narrator can gesture to the first player and say, "Okay, now Miss Karen is going to introduce you to her instrument, and show you how she makes music on it."

First player - "How many people know what this is?" ...wait for a few seconds... "Right! It's a flute..." and go on to talk about the instrument.

Then the main narrator introduces the second tune, and repeat through the book. Depending on the number of players, there may be two or more tunes in between instrument introductions.


(Needed - please join the WRP if you can help.)


  • Mississippi Community Symphonic Band (MCSB) Outreach Ensemble (6 players) - at Classical Conversations Home School Group, February 2018
  • MCSB Outreach Ensemble (8 players) at Flora Public Library, May 2018
  • MCSB Outreach Ensemble (16 players) at Clinton Public Library, June 2018
  • MCSB Outreach Ensemble (6 players) at Canton Public Library, July 2018
  • MCSB Outreach Ensemble (9 players) at Madison Public Library, July 2018

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