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Husa re-scored an early work for piano and orchestra (Op. 10, 1949) into Concertino for Piano and Wind Ensemble.

-- Vota, Michael (ed.). The Wind Band and Its Repertoire. Karel Husa's Contribution to the Wind Band (Donald McLaurin). Miami, Fl: Warner Brothers, 2003.

A fine collegiate wind ensemble and a skilled pianist are needed for this piece. As with other works, Concertino for Piano and Wind Ensemble places a premium upon color and virtuosity. Raher than introducing and developing melodies in a traditional sense, Husa treats rhythm and texture as primary motivic materials, and players must be able to draw out expressive elements that are not always obvious in the parts. Strong rhythmic independence is required from the entire ensemble. While challenging, this work would also prove gratifying for an exceptional ensemble.

-- Nicholson, Chad. Guide to the Top 100 Works of Grade IV, V, and VI: Volume 6. Galesville, MD: Meredith Music Publications, 2009.