Shuhei Tamura

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Shuhei Tamura


Shuhei Tamura (b. 1986, Okayama City, Japan) is a Japanese composer.

Mr. Tamura graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Music, School of Music, and completed a master’s degree in pedagogy from Tokyo Gakugei University with an emphasis in music education.

Tamura is an arranger as well as a composer who has written for orchestras, choruses, and brass bands. He is most prolific in the latter category, with a large number of published scores in this area. Tamura’s music is heavily influenced by Western music forms that have become the foundation of Japanese instrumental music traditions. These hybrid musical aesthetics, with the replication of Western forms, emerged through intercultural transmission (teaching and learning of a foreign tradition) and music acculturation (mastery of a foreign genre and embracing it as part of one’s own culture).

He took third place in the 17th Music Collection Nippon Kyokyou Competition Composition Division (General Section), and was first in the Osamu Composition Competition (cum audience prize).

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