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Rudolf Koumans

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Rudolf Koumans


Rudolf Koumans (b. 2 February, Delft, the Netherlands) is a Dutch composer.

From about 1936 until Autumn 1946, he took piano lessons from his mother, and, beginning at age 9, Koumans began to compose little pieces for piano. In two years, he had written 18 pieces. He wrote his first string quartet at the age of 14, and then followed chamber music, i.e. string trios, violin sonatas, cello sonatas, sonatas for flute and viola, etc. By 1953, he had more than 102 opus numbers among his compositions. Except for one lessons from Sem Dresden, Koumans is an autodidact as a composer.

Koumans received his diploma from the Gymnasium in 1946, and he studied French language and literature at the RIJKS University in Lieden until the end of 1947. From 1948-1953, he studied piano with Eduard van Beijnum, violin with Henk van Calsteren, theory (his major subject) with Martin J. Lürsen and Henry Geraedts at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. In 1949, he earned his C1 diploma in piano, and in 1951, he earned his C2 diploma in theory. He was the first technical student with a major in music theory who, by the finish of his studies, had earned the Mr. Fock medal for his final examinations. This medal (instituted in 1904) was given to the student who had the best final examination scores in any subject.

In 1952 he replaced his former teacher music theory, Martin J. Lürsen, at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague; from 1957 till his retirement in 1989 he was the department chair in theory.

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