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From Wind Repertory Project

I - Beginner Level: appropriate for beginning and educational ensembles.

II - Novice Level: appropriate for novice elementary and beginning middle school ensembles.

III - Developing Level: appropriate for intermediate middle school ensembles and beginning high school ensembles.

IV - Moderate Level: appropriate for advanced middle school ensembles and intermediate high school ensembles.

V - Intermediate Level: appropriate for intermediate/advanced high school ensembles and college ensembles.

VI - Advanced Level: appropriate for advanced high school ensembles and intermediate/advanced college ensembles

VII - Artist Level: appropriate for some advanced high school ensembles, advanced college ensembles, and professional ensembles.

*These ratings are not meant to imply that an ensemble should not perform/attempt music in a lower or higher rating category. There is much music of value that is relatively easy (technically) and should be performed by advanced ensembles. Likewise, there is value in performing music that is more difficult than previously attempted compositions. These ratings are merely an approximation intended to give an overall picture of the relative difficulty of a given composition.