Osvaldo Lacerda

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Osvaldo Lacerda


Osvaldo Costa de Lacerda (23 March 1927, São Paulo, Brazil – 18 July 2011, São Paulo) was a Brazilian composer and professor of music.

He studied in Sao Paulo and came to the United States to study with Vittorio Giannini and Aaron Copland. He returned to Brazil, where he taught at the São Paulo Municipal School of Music and was president of the Commission for the Study of Music and the Brazilian Pro Musica Society. In 1972, he was elected to the Brazilian Academy of Music.

Lacerda is known for a Brazilian nationalist musical style that combines elements of Brazilian folk and popular music as well as twentieth-century art music, as exemplified in the works of his teacher M. Camargo Guarnieri (1907–1997). His compositional output includes works for orchestra, choir, smaller vocal and instrumental ensembles, voice and piano, solo instrument and piano, solo piano, and other solo instruments.

He received several musical awards during his lifetime, including the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, and contributed significantly to the training of younger musicians in Brazil as a professor of composition and theory, member of various musical organizations and societies, and author of textbooks for theory, ear training, and notation.

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