Of Day and Night

From Wind Repertory Project
Kevin Day
Quinn Mason
Josh Trentadue

Kevin Day, Quinn Mason and Josh Trentadue

General Info

Year: 2021
Duration: c. 23:00
Difficulty: III-V (see Ratings for explanation)

This work is a triptych, the three movements of which are composed by different composers.
The entire triptych may be performed as a whole, or each movement may be performed separately.
Each individual movement is purchased separately. See each movement for purchase details.


1. Shimmering Sunshine (Day) – 5:00
2. Across a Golden Sky (Mason) – 7:00
3. Midnight Skyline (Trentadue) – 10:00


See individual movements.


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Program Notes

The moment I first met composers Kevin Day and Quinn Mason, and the moment I listened to their music, I knew that I wanted to collaborate with both of them on a new project. These two are such extraordinary artists, and human beings, with an incredibly high level of passion and dedication to their craft. When I approached them with the concept for this triptych for wind ensemble, I knew that the core idea of it needed to become something that was inherently thematic and overarching throughout all three works. Ultimately, it was an idea that needed to have a sense of continuity that would be expressed through three very different, and unique, compositional voices. What better form could this triptych take on than the progression of time?

Of Day and Night explores this concept over the course of a single day. Each of us set out to compose a piece inspired by a particular moment in that period of time. Kevin Day's Shimmering Sunshine encapsulates the exuberant joyfulness of daylight and is driven by bustling, vibrant energy. Quinn Mason's Across a Golden Sky explores the hidden wonders of the magical "golden hour" period, a phenomenon occurring shortly before sunset where the sky is redder than the sun itself. My piece Midnight Skyline charges forward into the wild chaos of the nighttime and is a tribute to those thrill seekers celebrating life, love, and new adventures, whether alone or with friends.

Each of the three works in Of Day and Night progresses and changes throughout the development of their thematic and motivic material. In a way, they almost evolve throughout each of their musical journeys, transforming and changing with every new event they experience. This triptych, in its own way, mirrors and partly serves as a continuation of my own musical explorations of nature evolving and change over time.

My sincerest thanks and appreciation goes to Kevin and Quinn for their brilliant creativity, fantastic music, and wonderful friendship. All three of us would also like to express our thanks to the consortium members for the 2019 MOTIF Triptych Consortium for their generous support of this project.

- Program Note by Josh Trentadue


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  • California State University, San Bernardino, Symphonic Band (Nicholas Bratcher, conductor) – 17 November 2021 *Premiere Performance*

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