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Nighttime Lullaby (flex)

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Osnby Rose

Onsby Rose

General Info

Year: 2020
Duration: c. 5:00
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Murphy Music Press
Cost: Score and Parts (print) - $70.00   |   Score Only (print) - $20.00

Instrumentation (Flexible)

There are four parts (1, 2, 3, 4) to each wind instrumentation
C Treble

  • Flute
  • Oboe

B-flat Treble

  • B-flat Soprano Clarinet
  • B-flat Bass Clarinet
  • B-flat Tenor Saxophone
  • B-flat Trumpet

E-flat Treble

  • E-flat Alto Saxophone
  • E-flat Baritone Saxophone

F Treble

  • F Horn

C Bass

  • Bassoon
  • Low Brass

Percussion I-II-III, including:

  • Chimes
  • Crotales
  • Marimba
  • Orchestra Bells
  • Suspended Cymbal
  • Vibraphone
  • Wind Chimes


None discovered thus far.

Program Notes

This work is written to bring thoughts of the amazing gift that our children are to each of us. When Geoff [DeSpain] approached me to write this work for him and EAC [Eastern Arizona College], he mentioned he would like something in the realm of a lullaby. As I began to think about it, and ask God what the music should be, I had thoughts of my own family. Geoff and I have many things in common, one of which is that we both have large families. Him having seven and I have five. As I imagine most parents have, I have at times gone into the room where my kids sleep and have just stood and watched them. This is one of the most peaceful moments a parent can ever have. With the challenges and the hustle and bustle of raising children in our modern society, these moments of pure innocence are far between, but are something that is so special but difficult to explain in words. The visions I see in my head are of Geoff standing and watching his kids sleep when they were very young.

The main melody of the work is a newly composed melody that uses a hint of my Appalachian heritage in its sound. The percussion are used to not only help the rise fall of the phrasing of the work, but also to somewhat simulate a baby's that you could find in most any crib. I can see Geoff standing and watching this peaceful moment, as the mobile spins and sings, and a sweet gift from God lays [sic] below it, sleeping. I hope this music serves to help relay the immensely deep emotion of love a parent feels toward their children. This love is truly a love like no other.

- Program Note by composer

Original version commissioned by Geoff DeSpain and the Eastern Arizona College Symphonic Band. This version created in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in response for the need for adaptable music ensembles.

- Program Note from score

Performance Notes

The main goal of this adaptable score is to allow meaningful and satisfying musical experiences for ensembles of any size or makeup, ranging from as few as four players.

For example, the ensemble could consist of:
One flute, one clarinet, one alto saxophone, one trumpet, one trombone

Trombones only

Three clarinets, one trumpet and one horn, and two percussionists

A few pointers about the parts:

  • Part 1 is identical in all five parts, Part 2 is identical in all five parts, and so on.
  • The melody or upper line is usually found in Part 1, but often in Part 2 for variety's sake.
  • Part 4 tends to contain the "bass line." This means that a tuba bass line from the original score may be found in Part 4 of Flute/Oboe, transposed up two or even three octaves to fit the register of those instruments.
  • The four tuba parts are notated an octave lower than the Bsn./Low Brass parts.
  • The conductor could experiment with part assignments, for example giving a tuba player Part 1 and a flute player Part 4, thus placing the melody in the tuba, and the bass line in the flute. Thus the tuba player would enjoy being able to play the melody while the flute plays the "bass line."

Commercial Discography

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State Ratings

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