Ken'ichi Masakado

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Ken'ichi Masakado


Kan'ichi Masakado (b. 1966, Kasuga, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese composer, judge, researcher and author.

Masakado graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae, Tokyo, with a degree in musicology.

He was the music director and conductor for the Band of Kitakyushu City Fire and Disaster Management Department (2003-2005) and Oita Prefectural Police Band (2006-2017). In 2008, he produced ceremony music for the National Sports Festival and conducted the ceremony band and chorus.

Mr. Masakado composed many pieces for wind band and wind instruments. In 1998, his work Emblems won the 9th Asahi Composition Award (wind music). This piece was selected for the required piece for the 1999 All Japan Band Contest. In 2021, Shining Soul 4, Concert March won the second prize at the “Concert March” category of the “6th International Composition Competition for Marches: Città di Allumiere” held in Allumierre, Italy.

In addition to composing, arranging and conducting activities, Masakado is also a competition judge, researcher, and author.

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