Johan Wichers

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Johan Wichers


Johan Wichers (12 May 1887, Rheine, Ger. – 22 November 1956, Enschede, Neth.) was a German composer.

With little formal training, Wichers made rapid progress in his music studies. He began the study of violin at age eight and later played French horn, trumpet, and various percussion instruments.

He composed his first march, Bondsmars, at age 41, and dedicated it to a band association in the Netherlands. He reportedly wrote 69 marches, some of which were scored for drums and bugles. Additionally, he wrote two concert waltzes, several pieces for violin and piano, and a few string quartets. In 1936, the city of Oldenzaal, in the province of Overjissel, the Netherlands, presented a concert solely of Wichers' marches, which he conducted himself. A tribute was paid, and he was presented with a laurel wreath.

Wichers was a passport inspector on international trains and retired in 1949. Up until his retirement, music was largely a hobby. In 1950, he joined the Overjissel Philharmonic as a percussionist and was also a member of the Semper Crescendo Band in Oldenzaal.

He was a modest man, and his name and works were, until recently, known only in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It was not until 1953 that he made contact with the publishing house of Molenaar, when his first march was published (Herautenmars). The march that brought him renown was Mars der Medici, which was written in 1938 after he had recovered from a serious illness.

His marches have been played and recorded by bands in his own country and in Germany, Belgium, France, and Switzerland.

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