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Hiroshi Ohguri

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Hiroshi Ohguri


Hiroshi Oguri (9 July 1918, Osaka, Japan - 18 April 1982, Osaka ) was a Japanese composer and horn player.

The son of a merchant family Oguri grew in the Senba district, the commercial center of Osaka. His father played the traditional Japanese instrument Gidayu. Oguri was introduced to European music in the Ten'noji Commercial High School in 1931 in Osaka . Oguri joined the band and played horn. He developed into a superior horn player, but he wanted more. In 1936 his compositions were performed at the Ten'noji Commercial High School.

Moving to Tokyo, he studied horn and in 1941 he became a horn player in the then Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, today's Tokyo Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra , under the direction of Manfred Gurlitt . With this orchestra many works by European composers were performed, but he favored works by Japanese composers, like Akira Ifukube, Fumio Hayasaka and Urato Watanabe.

In 1946 to 1966, Oguri was solo hornist with the Japan Symphony Orchestra and the Kansai Symphony Orchestra, later in Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra. He was a lecturer at the Kyoto College of Woman and at the Osaka College of Music.

His work is quite substantial. His works are mostly influenced by the culture and traditions of his native city and the environment (Kyoto, Kobe, etc.).

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