Harm Evers

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Harm Evers


Harm Jannes Evers (3 November 1925, Gramsbergen, the Netherlands – 2 June 2013, Groningen, Netherlands) was a Dutch composer, musician, educator and conductor.

Mr. Evers came from a musical family. His father played cornet, his mother sang, and his only brother played trumpet. At the age of eight, he began his musical career, playing piccolo in the Crescendo Plaza Band. At the age of 13, he began studying clarinet and later bass clarinet. At the age of 14, he began studying saxophone, and he played that instrument in orchestras and bands.

In 1945, Mr. Evers was obliged to enter military service, and he was assigned to the Dutch East Indies. For six months in that outpost, he was a flutist with the drum band of the December 7 Division. This band was situated in Bandoeng and there he began the study of violin with a Russian teacher.

In 1949, he returned to the Netherlands and in November 1950, he was a clarinetist and violinist with the staff band of the 1st Infantry Regiment (later the Johan Willem Friso Band) in Assen. From 1950 to 1954, he received clarinet lessons from the solo clarinetist and later bandmaster of the Harry Bouguenon Band. He also studied violin for six years. Harm Evers played clarinet for 30 years in the band, stopping only in November 1980 when he reached the mandatory retirement age.

He then led a number of bands, including the Fanfare Meeden (1952-ca.1956), the Fanfare Nieuwe Pekela (1954-1958), the Fanfare Oranje uit Assen (1963-the end of 1980), The Fanfare A.M.D.G in Beilen (1955-July 1, 1995), and the Gasselt wind band (May 1985-September 1, 1996).

He also was a clarinet and saxophone teacher at a number of music schools for some 30 years. In 1965, Evers took studies in music theory with Piet van Mever and he then began composing and arranging. His first composition was the march Ameland, written in 1972. He composed some 350 works for wind band and some 130 pieces for drum fanfare band.

Harm Evers died in a traffic accident at the age of 87.

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