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Ernst Luthold

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Ernst Luthold


Ernst Lüthold (24 May 1904, Baar, Swit. – 27 August 1966, Zürich, Swit.) was a Swiss conductor and composer.

Lüthold descended from an ancient family of Baer, Switzerland. His father, Arnold Luethold, was a decorator and an amateur clarinetist who played in the Zuricher Tonhall Orchestra.. Although it was apparent that Ernst had musical talent, his parents wanted him to get a secure job, so he went to the commercial school in Zurich.

He worked at a bank for some time, then at a chemist’s (druggist), and then decided to devote his life to music. In 1927, he graduated as a conductor from the Zurich Music Academy. Soon thereafter, he began a busy career as a leader of choirs and bands, also finding time to teach and compose. He led the Harmonie Kilchbert (1923), Harmonie Adliswil (1923-1937), Feldmusik Baar (1934-1947), Musikverein Kunsnacht (1941-1943), and the Bergermusik Luzern (1941-1950).

For several years, he led five or six bands concurrently. In 1937, his Baar band won the Zurich contest, and in 1948, his Luzern band won the contest at St. Gallen. He was a regular judge at most Swiss band contests.

Lüthold tried diligently to promote bands and band music, presenting numerous lectures and teaching conducting. He was largely responsible for the founding of the band music section at the Zurich Music Academy. In 1945, he and Walter Wild founded the ELWE music publishing firm, which specialized in band music.

Lüthold was active in several music endeavors, but he will be remembered primarily as a march composer. His first march, Uber den Ozean was composed in 1927 and was inspired by Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic. That same year, he composed Aufwarts. In all, he composed 23 marches, other band works and numerous songs and works for choir.

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