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Daniel Rosenfeld

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Daniel Rosenfeld


Daniel Rosenfeld (b. 9 May 1989, East Germany) is a German musician, producer and sound engineer.

Rosenfeld, son of a Soviet goldsmith and a German mother, was born and grew up in East Germany after reunification, and the economic realities of the region may have limited his resources to learn audio composition. He says he learned on early versions of Schism Tracker and Ableton Live in the early 2000s, which were both rudimentary tools at the time. He states it was his brother that introduced him to music composition. His brother told him of Ableton Live, and commented that "even an idiot" can successfully create music with Ableton.

Learning under such restrictions turned out to help the young composer when he began collaborating with Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson. The sound engine in the, still young, Java game was not very powerful, so Rosenfeld had to be creative in his approach to sound effects and music. Rosenfeld is still best known as the composer and sound designer for Minecraft.

As a freelance artist, Rosenfeld was not on staff at Mojang, the organization behind Minecraft, now owned by Microsoft as of 2014. Rosenfeld still owns the rights to all the music in the game, having released two albums featuring songs from the soundtrack.

In addition to game soundtracks, Rosenfeld composes his own independent music. His music is generally published under the name C418 (pronounced "see-four-eighteen").

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