Concerts:ABA 2023 Annual Convention (Lawrence, Kansas)

From Wind Repertory Project

1 March 2023 – Broken Arrow High School Wind Ensemble

Broken Arrow (Okla.) High School Wind Ensemble
Darrin Davis, conductor
Kelli Pence, conductor
Bradley Genervo, conductor
Matthew McCutchen, conductor
William Wakefield, conductor
Steven D. Davis, conductor
Thomas G. Leslie, conductor
Jerry Junkin, conductor
Jeffrey C. Mathew, conductor

1 March 2023 – University of Iowa Symphony Band

University of Iowa (Iowa City) Symphony Band
Richard Mark Heidel, conductor
Eric W. Bush, conductor
Myron D. Welch, conductor
John Carmichael, conductor
Jay Gephart, conductor
Chip De Stefano, conductor
Dustin D. Seifert, conductor
Bruce Moss, conductor
Gary E. Smith, conductor
Jorge Montilla, clarinet

2 March 2023 – University of Kansas Wind Ensemble

University of Kansas (Lawrence) Wind Ensemble
Paul W. Popiel, conductor
Matthew O. Smith, conductor
Robert E. Foster, conductor
James Barnes, conductor
Scott C. Tobias, conductor
Chadwick Kamei, conductor
Scott Weiss, conductor
Patricia Brumbaugh, conductor
Whitney Wells, soprano
Jens Lindemann, trumpet

2 March 2023 - Michigan State University Wind Symphony

Michigan State University (East Lansing) Wind Symphony
Kevin Sedatole, conductor
David Thornton, conductor
Charlotte Royall, conductor
Shelby Chipman, conductor
Gabriel Musella, conductor
Diane Koutsulis, conductor
Dana Pradervand Sedatole, conductor
Mary K. Schneider, conductor
Paula A. Crider, conductor

3 March 2023 – United States Navy Band

United States Navy Band (Washington, D.C.)
Kenneth Collins, conductor
Kerry Taylor, conductor
Matthew Clark, conductor
Adele Demi, conductor
Adam Williamson, conductor
Michael Burch-Pesses, conductor
Michael Fansler, conductor
Brian O. Waldron, conductor
Michael J. Colburn, conductor
William Edwards, III, vocal
Casey Campbell, vocal
Bryce Edwards, euphonium
Philip Eberly, euphonium