Concerts:2022 Association of Concert Bands Convention (Santa Fe, N.M.)

From Wind Repertory Project

4 May 2022 - Southwest Civic Winds

Southwest Civic Winds (Durango, Colo.)
Rhonda L. Muckerman, conductor
Jared Wright, trumpet
Diann Cates, flute

4 May 2022 - Denver Concert Band

Denver (Colo.) Concert Band
Jacinda Bouton, conductor
Robert W. Smith, conductor

4 May 2022 - Albuquerque Concert Band

Albuquerque (N.M.) Concert Band
John Sanks, conductor
Eric Lau, alto saxophone

5 May 2022 - Woodland Park Wind Symphony

Woodland Park (Colo.) Wind Symphony
Craig Harms, conductor
Treese Kjeldsen, flute
Judith Meyer, vocal

5 May 2022 - Los Alamos Community Winds

Los Alamos (N.M.) Community Winds
Ted Vives, conductor
Harry Watters, trombone
Julian Chen, piano

6 May 2022 - Plano Community Band

Plano (Tx.) Community Band
Joe Frank, conductor

6 May 2022 - The Arizona Winds

The Arizona Winds (Phoenix)
Richard Shelton, conductor
Larry Lang, conductor

7 May 2022 - Oregon Symphonic Band

Oregon Symphonic Band (Portland)
Michael Burch-Pesses, conductor

7 May 2022 - Los Angeles Symphonic Winds

Los Angeles Symphonic Winds (Woodland Hills, Calif.)
Stephen Piazza, conductor

7 May 2022 - Santa Fe Concert Band

Santa Fe (N.M.) Concert Band
Gregory Heltman, conductor
Carmen Flórez-Mansi, vocal
Jennifer Lau, flute

7 May 2022 - Association of Concert Bands Convention Band

Association of Concert Bands Convention Band (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Christina A. Muncey, conductor