Concerts:2011 WASBE Conference (Chiayi City, Taiwan)

From Wind Repertory Project

2011 WASBE Conference Program Book

3 July 2011 - Ministry of National Defense Symphony Orchestra

Hou Yu Biao, conductor
Wang Chih Chiang, conductor
Liu You Ming, conductor

3 July 2011 - China Youth Corps Wind Orchestra

Yeh Shu-Han, conductor
Lo Mei-Yah, piano
Chen Chung-Yi, tenor
Wang Qi and Rukais, chorus and dance
National Taiwan Normal University Trumpet Ensemble

4 July 2011 - Tom Lee Hong Youth NeoWinds Orchestra

Danilo Delfin, conductor
Kenneth Tse, saxophone

4 July 2011 - Norwegian Wind Orchestra

Ole Edvard Antonsen, conductor
Odd Terje Lysebo, conductor
Øystein Baadsvik, tuba
Ole Edvard Antonsen, trumpet

5 July 2011 - The Philharmonic Winds, Singapore

Leonard Tan, conductor
Timothy Reynish, conductor
Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto, Trombone

5 July 2011 - União Filharmónica do Troviscal

Andre Filipe Granjo, conductor
Luís Filipe Granjo, trumpet

6 July 2011 - United States Coast Guard Band (Chamber Concert)

Kenneth W. Megan, conductor
Richard E. Wyman, conductor

6 July 2011 - Osaka College of Music Wind Orchestra

Toru Kitano, conductor

7 July 2011 - Taiwan Wind Ensemble

Kuo Lien-Chang, conductor
Chen Yu-Chou, conductor
Wu Ting-Yu, violin

7 July 2011 - National Youth Wind Ensemble of Great Britain

Phillip Scott, conductor
Huw Morgan, trumpet

8 July 2011 - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Wind Symphony

John Bell, conductor
Dennis Johnson, conductor
James M. Hison, clarinet

8 July 2011 - Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra

Paul Meyer, conductor
Ayako Maeda, flute

9 July 2011 - WASBE Youth Wind Orchestra

Dario Sotelo, conductor
Douglas Bostock, conductor
Nobuya Sugawa, alto saxophone

9 July 2011 - United States Coast Guard Band

Kenneth W. Megan, conductor
Richard E. Wyman, conductor
James Edward Jackson III, euphonium
Megan Weikleenget, soprano