Anthony Holborne

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Anthony Holborne


Anthony (or Antony) Holborne (or Holburne) (ca. 1545 – November 1602) was an English composer.

Little is known about Holborne's life. His patron was the Countess of Pembroke, Mary Sidney. In the 1590s he entered the service of Sir Robert Cecil, the 1st Earl of Salisbury.

The earliest documented examples of his works are 58 pieces included in The Cittharn School, which was printed in 1597. In 1599, he published a collection of pavans, gailliards and almains, which contained 65 pieces. He wrote approximately 150 pieces of music, three-fourths of which were dances. Both he and his music were very popular during his lifetime, but his music fell into obscurity after his death.

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