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Alex Tedrow


Alex Tedrow (b. 30 April 1999, Shoals, Ind.) is an American composer, jazz and rock musician and student.

Mr. Tedlow is a student at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, pursuing a bachelor's degree in music composition with minors in conducting, electronic music and education. His primary teachers have been Benjamin Dean Taylor, Don Freund, Claude Baker, Aaron Travers, and John Gibson.

Mr. Tedrow started learning guitar at age 9 and grew a love for rock, blues, and singer/songwriter music. Later he took on saxophone and piano instruction as well as he soon started to become interested in classical and jazz music. From the beginning he found enjoyment in creating original material; he often experimented with crafting melodies, chord progressions, and short songs. During one summer while Alex was in high school, he attended a summer music clinic at Indiana University where he took an elective composition class. This inspired him to pursue composing as a serious interest, and he has been diligently seeking out opportunities to hone this practice ever since. Although his primary interest is to compose music for wind ensemble, he takes pride in striving to be a well-rounded, creative, and open-minded musician willing to work for unique settings and requests. He strives to make passion a high priority in his music. His work has been described as powerful, emotional, artistic, and fun.

Alex's music has been commissioned and performed across the country for multiple mediums, including professional independent musicians and high school/college ensembles alike. He has been a featured composer at such programs as the SCI Student National Conference, the Midwest Composers Symposium, the National Student Electronic Music Event (NSEME), and the Navy Band Saxophone Symposium. In 2019, Alex studied at IRCAM in Paris, France, during ManiFeste where he premiered Planet Playground - an interactive, data-driven project incorporating crowd participation via mobile devices. He is currently [2020] working on the soundtrack for a new video game in development by Red Ink Games, The Shadows that Linger. He was runner-up in the 2017 MakeMusic Young Composers Contest, winner of the 2018 Davidson Band Composition Contest, and participated as a selected composer/arranger for the 2018 Bloomington “Kids Compose!” project.

Alex has experience in performing, audio production, worship leading, teaching, and conducting. He can commonly be found gigging with different bands around southern Indiana, and he recently released a debut album as the front man/keyboardist in his progressive rock group, Transcendent. Alex also co-directs a non-profit charitable program, "Composing for a Cure," where he travels with fellow musicians to children hospitals in the Midwest to help kids write their own music.

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