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Alessandro Stradella

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Alessandro Stradella


Alessandro Stradella (1644, Viterbo, Italy - 1682, Genoa, Italy) was an Italian composer of the middle baroque period

Born of noble parents, he received his music training in Bologna. He went to Rome in 1667, where he began to compose. He was forced to flee Rome several times, owing to his tempestuous life style. Accused of embezzling money from the Roman Catholic Church, he aroused the ire of Cardinal Cibo.

who enjoyed much success as a freelance composer, writing on commission, collaborating with distinguished poets, and producing over three hundred works in a variety of genres.

Despite his successes, Stradella had a bit of a rogue streak in him: While living in Rome he attempted to embezzle money from the Roman Catholic Church and had to flee the city when discovered. He returned some years later, but numerous affairs began to make him powerful enemies and he was forced to leave Rome for good. In 1677 he arrived in Venice, where he was hired by a powerful nobleman to tutor his mistress in music. The two began an affair that would lead to an assassination attempt, which Stradella survived. In 1678 he fled to Genoa, where he was paid to compose music for the local nobility and the Theatro Falconi, but his wandering ways once again got the best of him, and he was stabbed to death at the Piazza Banchi in 1682.

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