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Alexander Comitas is the pseudonym of Eduard de Boer. It is not his real name, nor did he ever legally change his name. I think the article should be renamed to Eduard de Boer, and Alexander Comitas should forward to that page.

As an aside, a bit problematic nowadays to use a pseudonym that makes your music seem more authentic (Komitas Vardapet is a famous Armenian priest/composer, and de Boer has done a number of pieces based on Armenian themes).

10 August 2020

Thank you for the comment. Because the wind works listed in the Wind Repertory Project are composed under the name Alexander Comitas, and presumably this is the better known of the two names, it is the name we will continue to use as primary. A re-direct has been created from Eduard de Boer to Alexander Comitas.

Dave Strickler
Senior Editor
Wind Repertory Project