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Sonia Magías (b. 20 June 1982, Almansa, Spain) is a Spanish composer, singer and multidisciplinary artist.

Ms. Magías holds a master’s degree in music composition from New York University.

Ms. Magías's expanded musical notations, which she calls rare scores, are proposals that go through video, choreography or fine arts, passing through skirt-scores, edible scores, video-scores, tactile scores, graphic scores, cartographies… She show these scores in exhibitions that she calls Mono+Graphics. Her projects aim at social transformation through playfulness and ritual.

Magías obtained public recognition such as the Sonia Megías Classroom (Alicante, 2018), the Sonia Megías Library (Granada, 2022), Ambassador of the Festival ‘Una mirada diferente’ (Centro Dramático Nacional, 2018), or Resident Composer of the Choral Federation of Madrid (2017-2020). Recently, both the National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Spanish Agency for Cooperation and International Development (AECID) have published documentaries and books about her work with these institutions.

She has also received numerous commissions from Ministry of Culture of Spain and artistic awards and grants such as the Fulbright Grant (New York, 2010-2012), with which she completed a Master’s degree in music composition at New York University. In 2011 she created the publishing house EdicionesDelantal and the experimental laboratory CoroDelantal, currently based in Madrid and at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (MACA).

She writes the fanzine LaVidaenMúsica and tours worldwide with her band Dúa de Pel.

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