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Phoebus Lee


Lee Kar Tai, Phoebus (b. 1986) is an active young Hong Kong composer, contemporary-music researcher and educator.

Dr. Lee attained the Doctor of Music degree (D. Mus.) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012, and was awarded the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Scholarship during his postgraduate studies. Upon graduation, he worked as a teaching assistant and also as the director of the New Music Ensemble at the Department of Music, CUHK. Later, he has been a part time lecturer at CUHK, guest lecturer in HKIEd, as well as editorial assistant and daily music programme director at RTHK Radio 4.

He has been teaching music and conducts programmes at universities, colleges and schools, and has given workshops and lectures to school teachers and the general public. Subjects of these include contemporary music, music appreciation, harmony and counterpoint, orchestration and composition, aural skills and musicianship, creative musicking, ensemble coach for traditional and modern repertoire. At various occasions, he also performs as a choral, orchestral or chamber-music conductor, harpsichordist, organist, or pianist on both traditional and contemporary works.

Lee's music and papers have been performed and presented at various significant occasions, international music festivals and university conferences: these include Arena Contemporary Music Festival, The Asian Composers League Conference and Festival, The Chinese Composers Festival, Hong Kong Art Festival, Hong Kong Week of Taiwan, Musicarama, Hong Kong New Generation, Singapore Asian Composers Festival, SOUND-IMAGination, soundSCAPE Festival Italy, Swiss Contemporary Music Festival, Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival.

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