Kazuhiro Morita

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Kazuhiro Morita


Kazuhiro Morita (b. 1952 Tokyo, Japan - 25 August 2021) was a Japanese composer.

Morita studied composition with Yoshio Hasegawa at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. His writing covered genres from orchestra to guitar solo as well as compositions and arrangements for studio sessions in various fields. In later years he was also very active in writing for wind band, producing Pop Step March (1985 All Japan Band Competition test piece), Prelude for Jungfrau, Floral Timepiece for Band, Galliard and Fugue, Suite Villanesca, and more.

Aside from wind band scoring, other original works include Elegia, Ritmica and Samba-Ostinato for clarinet septet, 3 Sonnets on B.A.C.H for guitar, 6 Preludes for guitar, Flower Clock for pano duo, etc.

Morita earned the composition and arrangement prize from the 8th Japan Wind Music Academy Awards in 1998, and was an advisor for the Japan Band Clinic committee.

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