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Ivar Widner

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Ivar Widner


Ivar Widner (29 December 1891, Vastmanland, Swed. – 26 August, 1973, Stockholm, Swed.) was a Swedish composer, conductor and actor.

Widner was the son of a waltz master. He became a drummer in 1905 at Västmanland's regiment under Otto Trobäck, despite the fact that his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a blacksmith. However, his father, who was an amateur musician and led a utility band, had interested him in music. Widner's main instrument was the trumpet, and he became a music volunteer in 1907, a music corporal in 1909, a music distinction corporal in 1911 and a music sergeant in 1915.

Widner studied at the Conservatory of Music in Stockholm 1909 and graduated as a military music director in 1915.. He was music director at Norrbotten's regiment 1905-1916, Hälsinge regiment 1916-1932, the Navy's music corps in Stockholm 1932-1947 and leader of Par Bricole's choir 1933-1964. He was elected to the Royal Academy of Music in 1971 (no. 752) and was a knight of the Royal. Vasaorden. He has been awarded Pro Musica Militare, RSAO's Medal of Merit (now the Swedish Orchestra Association ) and many more awards.

As a composer, he composed about 135 works, in addition to songs for solo, quartet and choir, cantatas and dances about 30 marches. In addition to his military service and after retirement, he led many civilian orchestras and choirs, such as Västmanland County Singers' Association, Boden Orchestra Association and Singers' Association (1918-23), Luleå Music Society (1920-22), and the Norrbotten Singers' Association (1918-23)

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