Godfrey Buglione

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Godfrey Buglione (27 July 1879, Milano, Italy – November 1934, Washington, D.C.) was an Italian-American composer and conductor.

Buglione , known to his friends as Freddy, came to the United States with his parents in 1881. At an early age, Freddy demonstrated that he had inherited his father Annibale's musical talents. Recognizing this, Annibale began seriously teaching his son and instructing him on the violin and the cornet. When Freddy had raised his playing abilities as high as his father's teaching would permit, he returned to Milano, where he attended the university to broaden his musical knowledge.

Following in his father's footsteps, Godfrey enlisted in the U.S. Army to begin a career in military music. First he was sent to Atlanta, Georgia, and then to Washington D.C., where he received training in military band organization. After this, he led various bands in the army. At the entry of America into World War I in 1917, he was directing a band in Tienstin, China. He was commissioned a first lieutenant and took command of the 15th Infantry Band. After the cessation of hostilities, for reasons unknown, he failed to take the examination required to retain his commission and was faced with reduction in rank to staff sergeant. He chose instead to retire as a first lieutenant.

Buglione then moved to Oakland, California, with his wife Myrtle and daughter Alba. With bands and military music deeply engrained in him by this time, he accepted the position of bandmaster of the 159th Regiment California National Guard. He continued to compose, producing a large amount of music, mostly unpublished. It is reported that during this period he also practiced his cornet for six hours daily.

Buglione was very active in church and Masonic organizations and taught Sunday school in the Presbyterian Church. He was a member of the Scottish Rite of Oakland No. 2 and led the orchestra as well as the band of the Almas Temple Shrine. Later moving to Washington, D.C. he played with the Almas Temple Shrine Band.

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