Fred O'Bryant

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Fred O'Bryant


John Frederick (Fred) O'Bryant (b. 1949, Memphis, Tenn.) is an American clarinetist, composer and librarian.

Mr. O'Bryant holds a BA from Southwestern at Memphis (now Rhodes College) and an MSLS from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He served as a science and technical services librarian at the University of Virginia from 1982 to 2015.

Mr. O'Bryant egan playing clarinet in the seventh grade; he studied clarinet with Phil Vance and later with Frederic Lubrani at Memphis State University. He served as principal clarinetist for the Western Piedmont Symphony Orchestra (Hickory, NC) 1974-75; clarinetist with the Charlottesville Municipal Band (Charlottesville, VA) 1979-present

Mr. O'Bryant began arranging for band in high school and continues to the present. He began composing for band as well in 1995.

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