Concerts:2023 Midwest Clinic Concerts

From Wind Repertory Project

20 December 2023 - Arbor Creek Middle School Honors Band

Arbor Creek Middle School (Carrollton, Tx.) Honors Band
Kimberly Beene, conductor
Sarah Ayoub, conductor
Andrew Sealy, conductor
John Benzer, conductor
Cynthia A. Lansford, conductor

20 December 2023 - Youth Performing Arts School Wind Ensemble

Youth Performing Arts School (Louisville, Ky.) Wind Ensemble
Kevin Callihan, conductor
Jason Gregory, conductor
Cody Birdwell, conductor
Richard Miles, conductor
Mallory Thompson, conductor
Sabrina Rose Vaughan, harp

20 December 2023 - Marcus High School Wind Symphony

Marcus High School (Flower Mound, Tx.) Wind Symphony
Jeffrey D. Jones, conductor
Cole Ousley, conductor
Nicholas VandenBush, conductor
Amanda Drinkwater, conductor
Richard Floyd, conductor
Patrick Sheridan, tuba

20 December 2023 - Wheaton Municipal Band

Wheaton Municipal Band (Bensonville, Ill.)
Bruce Moss, conductor
Ryan Nowlin, conductor
Kevin Bennear, tenor
Esteban Batalián, trumpet
John Hagstrom, trumpet

20 December 2023 - United States Marine Band I

United States Marine Band (Washington, D.C.) I
Jason K. Fettig, conductor
H. Robert Rynolds, conductor
Richard Crain, conductor
United Sound, artist
Christopher Rose, percussion
Jonathan Bisal, percussion
Michael Metzger, percussion
Alexander Garde, percussion

20 December 2023 - United States Marine Band II

United States Marine Band (Washington, D.C.) II
Jason K. Fettig, conductor
Ryan J. Nowlin, conductor

21 December 2023 - Keller Middle School Band

Keller Middle School (Fort Worth, Tx.) Band
David Puckett, conductor
Caitlyn Tucker, conductor
Richard Alvarado, conductor
Ryan Heath, conductor
Cynthia A. Lunsford, conductor
Zachary Simons, conductor

21 December 2023 - Tyler Junior College Wind Ensemble

Tyler (Tx.) Junior College Wind Ensemble
Jeremy Strickland, conductor
Eddie W. Airheart, conductor
Timothy Rhea, conductor
Bobby R. Francis, conductor
George Strickland, conductor
Wayne Bergeron, trumpet
Micah Bell, trumpet

21 December 2023 - Rushing Middle School Symphonic Winds

Rushing Middle School (Prosper, Tx.) Symphonic Winds
Jarred Dodd, conductor
Brandon Holt, conductor
Kaitlyn Norwood, conductor
Hayden Gish, conductor
John Alstrin, conductor
Melodianne Mallow, conductor
Jung Moo Lee, tuba
Sarah Jebakumar, tuba

21 December 2023 - Louisville Concert Band

Louisville (Ky.) Concert Band
Frederick Speck, conductor
Timothy Reynish, conductor
Nan Moore, conductor
Acton Ostling Jr., conductor
Ryan Nowlin, conductor
Fábio Brum, trumpet

21 December 2023 - Lambert High School Wind Ensemble

Lambert High School (Suwanee, Ga.) Wind Ensemble
Kevin Morrison, conductor
Tonya Mashburn, conductor
Andrew Poor, conductor
Alexander Kaminsky, conductor
John Mashburn, conductor

21 December 2023 - Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra

Osaka (Japan) Shion Wind Orchestra
Kazuyoshi Akiyama, conductor
Kevin Sedatole, conductor
James Barnes, conductor

21 December 2023 - Braswell High School Wind Symphony

Braswell High School (Audrey, Tx.) Wind Symphony
Aaron Snipes, III, conductor
Taylor Sitzman, conductor
Alfred Watkins, conductor
Alexander Kaminsky, conductor
Michael Thomas, conductor
David Childs, euphonium

22 December 2023 - Vandercook College of Music Wind Ensemble

Vandercook College of Music (Chicago, Ill.) Wind Ensemble
Alexander Kaminsky, conductor
Stacy Larson Dolan, conductor
Robert Sheldon, conductor
Rodney Dorsey, conductor
Rebecca Phillips, conductor

22 December 2023 - Coppell High School Wind Symphony

Coppell (Tx.) High School Wind Symphony
Kim Shuttlesworth, conductor
Riaz Muhammed, conductor
Brandon Slovak, conductor
Robert Carnochan, conductor
Paulette Rainey, conductor
John Armstrong, trumpet

22 December 2023 - Westwood High School Wind Ensemble

Westwood High School (Austin, Tx.) Wind Ensemble
Thomas Turpin, conductor
Brandon Winters, conductor
Dan Havely, conductor
Brittany Dacy, conductor
Jerry Junkin, conductor
Caleb Hudson, trumpet

22 December 2023 - Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School Wind Band

Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School (Moriyama City, Japan) Wind Band
Takeshi Sone, conductor
Fuminori Oski, conductor
Misato Kokubu, conductor
Kazuhiro Kakamura, conductor
Johan de Meij, conductor

22 December 2023 - Canyon Vista Middle School Honors Band

Canyon Vista Middle School (Austin, Tx.) Honors Band
Jay Hagy, conductor
Rebecca Click, conductor
Susan Scarborough, conductor
Demondrae Thurman, euphonium