Clifford Nobles

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Clifford Nobles


Clifford James Nobles (4 August 1941, Grove Hill, Ala. – 12 October 2008, Norristown, Penn.) was an American pop singer, who is best known for his instrumental hit The Horse.

Nobles grew up in Mobile, Alabama and began singing in high school as a member of a local group, The Delroys. He moved to Philadelphia and recorded three singles for Atlantic Records, none of which charted. While living in a commune in Norristown, Pennsylvania, he formed a group, Cliff Nobles & Co., with bassist Benny Williams, guitarist Bobby Tucker, and drummer Robert Marshall. They recorded demos and, with the help of songwriter/record producer Jesse James, landed a recording contract with Phil-L.A. of Soul Records.

Their second release for the record label was the single Love Is All Right b/w The Horse, which featured the horn section from what would later be known as MFSB.

Nobles' record label continued releasing instrumental singles on which Nobles himself did not play a note, though a later single on which Nobles sang narrowly missed the R&B Top 40. An album credited to Cliff Nobles & Co., entitled The Horse, was released consisting mostly of instrumentals, and hit #159 on the Billboard Hot 200 album chart.

After his music career was over, Nobles worked in construction and later in the electricity generation industry.

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