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Carlos Caires

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Carlos Caires


Carlos Caires (b. 1968, Lisbon, Portugal) is a Portuguese composer and music educator.

Dr. Caires studied composition at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa before receiving a doctoral scholarship to study with Horacio Vaggione in Paris.

He taught at the Setubal Regional Conservatory and at the Music School of the National Conservatory (between 1988 and 1991) and started teaching at the Lisbon Superior School of Music in 1992. Parallel to his composition course, Carlos Caires attended several summer courses of choral and orchestra direction, in Portugal and abroad. With Paulo Lourenço he directed the JMP choir, later founding (also with Paulo Lourenço), the Ricercare Choir, which he directed until 1998, when he left for Paris.

Caires has written music for solo, chamber groups, medium and large orchestra, most works featuring tape or live electronics. His works have received several awards in Portugal: the Joly Braga Santos Prize in 1994 for Al niente, the Claudio Carneyro Prize in 1994 for Wordpainting, and ACARTE Prize in 1998 for Retábulo–Melodrama. His music is performed in several European countries, as well as in China and the USA.

He is [2022] a full-time professor at Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa and researcher at CESEM (Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical) and CESEM-IPL chair. His main research topics are music composition, theory and analysis, electronic and mixed music, programming and performance in Max/MSP as well as computer assisted composition.

He was a founding member of OrchestrUtopica.

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